Sunity neck protection

In Switzerland, around 1,000 people develop white skin cancer every year as a result of their work in the sun.

Most skin cancers are found on sun-exposed parts of the body: the face, ears, neck and neck. Accordingly, these places are also best to protect.

SUVA compliant

Suitable for all common industrial safety helmets

Eye protection through forehead shield

Including ventilation slots

50+ UV protection

Quick dry. Extra fast drying when wet.

Cooling effect up to two degrees Celsius

Antibacterial fabric against unpleasant odors

Good grip thanks to the elastic band with silicone band

Ergonomically shaped for a clear view and optimal protection of the ears and neck

Suncool 1, camouflage grey

CHF 34.50 plus VAT
plus Shipping

Suncool 2, orange-grey

CHF 34.50 plus VAT
plus Shipping

New: the SunHat

  • The ideal sun protection – for all situations without a helmet
  • Cooling and lightweight fabric
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable size and elastic band
  • Neck protection can be stowed in the back of the brim
  • Ventilation slits ensure a cool head

Sunhat, Olive Green

CHF 36.90 plus VAT
plus Shipping

Sunhat, Olive Beige

CHF 36.90 plus VAT
plus Shipping

Medical surgical mask type IIR, anti-fog type IIR

Prevents irritation and drying
of the eyes

Pressure difference < 35 Pa/cm2

No more chipped lenses

Bacterial filter performance
(BFE) ≥ 99.9%

Prevents rash

Face mask type IIR with elast

CHF 24,90 plus VAT
plus Shipping

Type IIR face mask with self-tie strap

CHF 24,90 plus VAT
plus Shipping

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