Suncool 1, camouflage grey

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Properties Sunity neck protection

• UV protection: Highest UV protection of UPF 50+ according to Australian standard for fabric and front flap
• Antibacterial: Skin-friendly fabric with antibacterial properties prevents bad odours
• Cooling effect: Special properties of the fabric ensure a cooling effect of around 1-2 degrees C or more
• Optimum field of vision: Thanks to the transparent forehead panel and ergonomically cut neck protection
• High compatibility: the product fits almost all commercially available protective helmets
• Good grip: A silicone layer ensures a good grip on the safety helmet so that nothing slips
• Ventilation: Ventilation slits in the neck protection ensure pleasant ventilation and prevent heat build-up
• Flexibility : The pliable front panel yields when bumped
• Quick-Dry : Fabric dries quickly


Sunity’s SunCool 1 and SunCool 2 models are personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to protect against the sun’s UV rays. You can download the declaration of conformity here.

All of our products have been tested for UV absorption according to AS/NZS 4399:2017 standard. In this test, the Australian solar spectrum is simulated. Both the front panel and the fabric of the neck protection fully meet the highest UV protection factor of UPF 50+. This means that the skin’s self-protection time of around 10-20 minutes when the skin is completely covered increases by a factor of over 50. In other words, you are very well protected.

All UV protection factor (UPF) information on our products is based on the AS/NZS 4399:2017 standard.

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