• The most important prerequisite for effective mask protection:
  • The extensive experience of the Swiss laboratory team in the development of protective clothing for the army, UV protection for SUVA, and the know-how of the medical team have led to an innovative surgical mask according to EN 14683:2019 Type IIR, which meets the highest safety standards and is characterised in particular by the following improved features, for which patents have already been applied for:
  • Anti-fog coating to prevent the formation of fog on the glasses.
  • The new technology prevents the eyes from drying out from the warm air of breathing.

  • Breathing permeability has doubled thanks to an optimised pressure difference between the inside and outside of the mask.

  • Improved bacterial filtration performance (BFE ≥ 99.8%).

  • Good hold and better fit thanks to the side lamellas, which increase the protective effect.

  • Optimum skin compatibility improves wearing comfort.

SunCool 1 Camouflage

SunCool 2 Orange

  • The product consists of a faceplate with neck protection that is attached to an industrial safety helmet.
  • This shade the face, ears and neck in order to reduce the effect on the skin of sun-induced UV light when working outdoors.
  • The forehead cover and the neck protection were made to ensure the highest possible UV protection for the skin (UPF 50+).
The "SunCool" model can basically be combined with all common industrial safety helmets with and without a faceplate (for example with the UVEX Pheos series, the MSA V-gard series, the ARTILUX Montana and Eurocap series or the Germatex Kara series). The "SunCool" model is not compatible with industrial safety helmets that have a continuous brim around the entire helmet. If the neck protector cannot be held in position after putting it on the industrial safety helmet, if there are chicks or if the field of vision is significantly restricted, the "SunCool" model from Sunity is not suitable for this industrial safety helmet.

The forehead cover with neck protection should be stored at a temperature of + 5 ° C to + 40 ° C, dry and valued by the sun.

Cleaning, maintenance and service life:

The faceplate with neck protection can be washed at 30 ° C without fabric softener. To ensure that the front cover with neck protection provides the longest possible protection, the front cover must be checked for damage, cracks and deep scratches. The fabric of the neck protection, on the other hand, must be checked for holes, tears and wear. In the event of damage, the protection of the faceplate and neck protection is no longer guaranteed and the product must be replaced.


In order to ensure optimal protection, the forehead cover with neck protection must be applied to the helmet without any gaps so that the neck and face are optimally shaded. Although the forehead cover and neck protection weaken the UV radiation from the sun, absolute UV protection cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended that you also apply sunscreen to all exposed skin areas. You must not look directly into the sun through the faceplate-