The Sunity neck guard with front screen protects you against UV, fits most industrial safety helmets and ensures an optimal field of vision.

The Sunity neck guard is SUVA compliant. More info and order


Developed in Switzerland and approved by Swissmedic as a medical device. Further information and ordering

Asmin Switzerland is the link between innovative PPE producers and the demanding end user. We use our long-standing relationships to offer our customers the best possible safety and protection in a demanding working environment. This is what Asmin guarantees.

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Anti-fog mask: perfect equipment for spectacle wearers

Are you looking for an anti-fog mask because you have to wear a mask at work or in private and you wear glasses? Then choose Asmin Switzerland . Here you will find masks with the perfect equipment for spectacle wearers. The masks from are of high quality and tested.

Anti-fog mask: clear vision

With an “Anti Fog” mask from Asmin Switzerland, you will always have a clear view, even if you wear glasses. The anti-fog mask is indispensable for you, especially when doing manual work on the building site, welding or painting. Here you will find, for example, the IIR medical mask. The “IIR” here refers to a liquid-resistant, CE-certified safety goggle designed in accordance with EN 14683.

Anti-fog mask: high-quality protection at work stands for high quality in terms of safety at work. The medical masks are sterilised and have a slight medical odour, but at the same time this indicates high quality.

Mask for spectacle wearers: also for industry

In addition to the classic medical surgical masks type IIR, FFP II and FFP II with valve, also offers the anti-fog mask for spectacle wearers.

Eyeglass wearers need more comfort. You can therefore use it optimally as a spectacle wearer.  Use this goggle in industry or agriculture.